Sustainability Architect Spring Update – Shara


“My current project with the Sustainability Service is looking at the way we can integrate sustainability into student dissertation topics; particularly those outside of traditional schools like Earth and Environment. By doing this we hope to catch a range of students from different disciplines thus increasing engagement across the university.

The project is trying to capture students who are currently preparing for to undertake their dissertation in either their final year of studies or at a postgraduate level.

In order to achieve this, I have contacted several schools across the university and have set up a workshop to facilitate this discussion. The workshop will be an interactive forum that allows students to share ideas and look at the ways that sustainability can be related to degree and topic choices. The session aims to help build and develop ideas for students. This can either be for students with a clear idea of their topic or indeed those who are still in the early planning stages. This session will demonstrate the flexibility of sustainability and how it is not designated to a particular subject area; it crosses disciplines and is relevant in a range of contexts.

It is hoped that we will see a range of students from different subjects decide to undertake a sustainability related dissertation in the near future!”

The first workshop is on 28th April 2016, for more information and to register your attendance please follow this link: