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Introducing our 2023 Student Sustainability Architects

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Student Sustainability Architects

The Sustainability Service has welcomed our 2022/23 cohort of Student Sustainability Architects to the team! Find out more about who they are and the projects they will be working on this year.

Student Sustainability Architects are part time paid positions that help to deliver and support sustainability projects at the University. They bring new ideas and a student perspective to projects that align with the University’s strategic objectives. This year’s projects include Sustainable Curriculum, Sustainable Education and Careers, Biodiversity, Awareness and Engagement, and Circular Economy and Waste.

Throughout the year we’ll be sharing updates on the progress they’ve made, so make sure you are following our social accounts for more updates!

Let's meet our first six Student Sustainability Architects, who have projects working on Leeds Sustainable Curriculum, Careers in Sustainability and the Student Sustainability Research Conference.

Emily Sheehy

A photo of Emily Sheehy sat on a balcony, wrapped in a white blanket

School: Politics and International Studies

Degree programme: MA Global Development

Project title: Sustainable Curriculum resource bank development

About me:

Hi! I’m really excited to begin working with the team to help develop a Sustainable Curriculum resource bank. Working within a university as large as Leeds will have a genuine, tangible impact in the fight against climate change across educational institutions. During my time as an architect, I hope to contribute meaningful information and resources that are accessible to curriculums across different Faculties and Schools. As climate change poses an ever-greater threat, I am proud to be part of the Sustainability team and I recognise that we need all hands on deck to tackle it. This work is valuable to me because, as a student with lived experience of teaching at Leeds, I can work on the behalf of the student body’s interests. This work will also provide me with the skills I need to continue pursuing sustainability throughout my career.

Aleksandra Wybieralska

A photo of Aleksandra Wybieralska, who is stood on a balcony in front of the sea in a white shirt and trousers.

Project title: Mapping sustainability in the university curriculum

School: Earth and Environment

Degree: Sustainability and Environmental Management (Integrated Masters)

About me:

I believe in the project’s importance because the University’s environmental and social impact is not only coming from its operations but also from the way they teach students about the climate crisis. The University can be a powerful capacity-building institution to bring about sustainable change and empower students to be active participants in it.

I think that most students have some knowledge and skills needed in the sustainability field, what is missing is the link between their studies and sustainability that I will focus on. I joined the project to be a part of a like-minded community of people here at the university.

Anna Lister

A photo of our Student Sustainability Architect Anna Lister, who is stood smiling in walking clothes on the moors.

Project title: Sustainable Curriculum Climate Plan projects

School: Earth and Environment

Degree: MSc Sustainable Food Systems

About me:

My interest in sustainability stems from my undergraduate studies of Ecology, during which I became particularly interested in the environmental aspects of it. I look forward to applying my knowledge from my studies, as well as from working within an organisation’s sustainability team, to this project. I'm particularly passionate about engaging with people with little prior experience or knowledge of the various aspects of sustainability to increase their involvement and interest.

Anita Asenova

A photo of our Student Sustainability Architect Anita Asenova, who is smiling against a white wall and wearing a black turtleneck jumper.

Project title: Sustainable Curriculum Climate Plan projects

School: Earth and Environment

Degree: BSc Sustainability and Environmental Management

About me:

My name is Anita and I am from Bulgaria. I am eager to engage with sustainability initiatives as I believe that action towards combating global challenges should be encouraged.

I find it particularly important to spend time my outdoors and expanding my general knowledge. I'm passionate about meeting people with the same positive attitude towards future developments. I am hoping to successfully take part in and deliver initiatives to make a positive change on emerging issues.

Freya Wang

A photo of our Student Sustainability Architect Freya Wang, who is wearing an orange top and blue jeans and is stood in front of a metal bridge.

Project title: Activities and events for careers in sustainability

School: Leeds University Business School

Degree: MSc in International Marketing Management

About me:

Hi! Nice to E-Meet you! I’m Freya.

As a Sustainability Architect this year:

My Mission: I will be helping my fellow students across all disciplines along their sustainability professional journey, to improve their transferable skills and get more industrial exposure, so that they can have a clearer outlook for their career potential in the sustainability area.

My passion: My undergrad study in Canada zeroed in on how to embody sustainability & CRS in a corporate environment. This experience enabled me to see the trend toward a more sustainable-driven business world. I am determined to be the biggest advocate of sustainability marketing. And I want to help my fellow students see the potential in their disciplines through a sustainability filter.

My Values: Just as marketing is a way of connecting to me, as a sustainability architect, I want to connect students who value sustainability and desire to put their study into professional practise with sustainability industry leaders from diverse backgrounds with their own unique and inspiring stories.

My Goals: By being a bridge between the students and the professionals, I would love to meet people from all walks of life and learn from their journeys. By planning, organizing, and delivering sustainability career events, I can hone my campaign/event ideation and management skills. In this way, I hope to make my humble contribution to help make the world a little bit better and more sustainable.

Eleanor Pettem

A photo of our Student Sustainability Architect Eleanor Pettem, who is wearing walking clothes sat on a boulder in the countryside.

Project title: Organisation and delivery of the Student Sustainability Research Conference 2023 and development of guidance to making your event sustainable

Eleanor worked on this project as a Student Sustainability Architect last year and is continuing her post this year.

School: School of Earth and Environment

Degree: Environmental Science

About me:

I’m helping to organise and deliver the Student Sustainability Research Conference in 2023. We are making it carbon neutral this year, even down to the catering, ensuring that sustainability is incorporated into the organising as well as the presentations. I personally want to engage with sustainability as it is the basis for tackling the climate crisis, which my course has taught me so much about. Considering the sustainability of what we do day-to-day, including our actions and purchases, is important for minimising emissions and creating a cleaner environment, as well as giving a sense of fulfilment! This just one of many reasons I’m so excited to continue my work with the Sustainability Service.

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