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Conference Schedule

All presentations took place online, split into a morning and afternoon session. Recordings of the presentations are available on each presenter's profile page - click on their name in the schedule below or via the presenter profile menu on this page.

Presentation sessions

Morning session:

9am - morning session opens

Lynda Simmons, Interim Director of Sustainability at the University of Leeds: introduction to the conference

Alexandra Woodford: Who decides what is just? A pragmatic re-framing of the climate justice debate

Jasmine Chilton: Can nature have rights, like you and me?

Ibukunoluwa Iyiola-Omisore: Directors duties and environmental sustainability in Africa.

Sari Nomura: What does "inclusive cycling" mean to you? How one problem is seen differently.

Ejiro Ikoko: Mobility as a service and low-income women in sub-Sahara Africa.

Vanessa Jimenez Sanchez: Why multidimensional poverty and economic growth are relevant for the Mexican case? 

Eleanor Pettem: Using remote sensing data to model sea ice retreat.

12:00 - morning session closes

Afternoon session:

13:00 - afternoon session opens.

Katie Hornsey: The role of restaurants in encouraging changes in meat consumption patterns.

Ridhi Surti with Co-author Shiwei Ooi: Evaluating sustainable healthcare using the Planetary Health Report Card at University of Leeds' Medical School.

Alejandro Bertinelli Salamero: Sustainability and Computing: uncovering the SDGs in the curriculum.

Ejiro Ikoko: Faculty of Environment based Student Ambassador.

Yuwen Feng: Art of plastic clothes - an evaluation of plastic reuse methods.

Ashley Victoria: Sustainability in labs: a guide for going green in the lab.

Richard Coulthard: Net Zero and Carbon Offsetting.

15:30 - Professor Piers Forster: key note presentation.

16:00 - Awards

16:15 - conference closes