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Conference Schedule

Dark blue banner with the words 'Student Sustainability Research Conference', 'Inspire, Share, Learn' and the logos of Yorkshire Universities and the University of Leeds.

The Student Sustainability Research Conference 2023 took place on Tuesday 28 March at the University of Leeds, offering students the opportunity to share, learn and be inspired by each other.

The conference included 35 presentations from students attending universities across Yorkshire, a keynote speech, panel event, seven student-run workshops, and a poster exhibition in Parkinson Court.

Tickets to attend the conference were free of charge, and the poster exhibition held throughout the day in Parkinson Court was open to all, with no ticket needed.

Read on for the full list of speakers and workshops.

Keynote speakers

Professor Jeff Grabill

Professor Jeff Grabill is the Deputy Vice Chancellor: Student Education at the University of Leeds. Jeff leads the University's overall education strategy, including the Sustainable Curriculum programme of the University's Climate Plan. Hear about his work and knowledge in student education during his welcome address at the conference.

Regional Youth Climate Assembly

The RYCA is a group of young members across the Yorkshire and Humber region who provide a collective youth voice within the climate discussion. RYCA partners with different organisations from around the world to promote positive actions and practical solutions for making our world a better place. Hear about their work and how you can get involved in mobilising the youth voice around climate.

Panel event: Equitable and Just Climate Change Transitions

Stanislaus Risadi Apresian, University of Leeds: The Political Economy of Climate Change Adaptation in the Global South  

Cole Griffin, University of Bradford: Exploring the nexus of decent work, economic growth and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa 

Xiner Jiang, University of Leeds: Climate Change and Contemporary Global Political Economy 

Vanessa Jimenez Sanchez, University of Leeds: Is growth and multidimensional poverty unequal in Mexico? Comparative analysis between 2008 and 2018 

Savannah Skeete, University of Leeds: An Intersectional Approach to Analyzing the Effects of Environmental Degradation and Finding Equal Solutions 


Sarah Clayton, University of York: Climate Change: Teacher conceptions and misconceptions around this 

Alexandria Emes, Sheffield Hallam University: The Moral Judgement-Action Gap - The Future of Business Sustainability 

Ceri Holman and Sarah Foster, University of York: Integrating Arts-Based Methods to Connect Sustainability Education and Environmental Activism  

Julie Mathes, University of Leeds: Designing a Forest Garden 

Prasad Sandbhor, University of York: Games for making sense of climate action among young adults 

Philippa Tuffin, University of Leeds: Campus Sketch Walk and Litter Picking 


Lily Adams, Ambika Barakina, and Olivia Tipping, University of Leeds: A Global North and South Partnership: Finding Sustainable Solutions to Malaria in Nigeria 

Sahresh Akhter, University of Bradford: Sustainable Development Goal 5 (Gender equality), Case study of Pakistan  

Suhaib Arogundade, Leeds Beckett University: Decarbonisation strategies for construction projects 

Altair Boonraksa, University of Leeds: Pineapple Cycle: From A Textile Alternative to A Mycoremediation Potential  

Felipe Brescancini, University of Leeds: What makes individuals prioritise prosocial behaviour over capital accumulation in career decisions?  

Sam Brooke, University of Leeds: Honey and Money: Do global trade changes affect British beekeepers?  

Jana Busch, University of Hull: Plastic attitudes, perceptions, and practices for sustainability on university campuses: Insights from an international study 

Alexandra Yuen Xuan Chia, University of Huddersfield: Co-Creating Critical Curriculum: A Comprehensive Observation in Making Cross-Cultural Management Module Critical  

Aaron Daboro, University of Huddersfield: Sustainable Up-Cycling of Plastic Bottles in Buildings 

Esther Daniel, University of Bradford: Accelerating poverty reduction  

Timothy Ho and Keshav Krishnan, University of Leeds: An Exploration of the Challenges to Sustainability in Primary Care      

Srish Jain, University of York: Sustainability and Disability: Barriers and Opportunities 

Rose Jedari-Jabari, University of Huddersfield: The Effect of Accessible Facilities and Equipment on Tourism Experience of UK Wheelchair Users Who Rely on a Hoist and Their Families 

Amina Jeng, Leeds Arts University: Cultural Conservation 

Julia Lamb, University of Leeds: Gaming for Good: Exploring effectiveness and Impact of Gamifying Environmental and Nutritional Education for raising awareness amongst students 

Isaac Lassey, University of Leeds: Who grows our food? Sustainable intensification and the palm oil sector in Kamara – Tanzania 

Tayah Livesey and Evdokiya Ivanoska, University of Bradford: Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and Biodegradable Polymer Composites (Bio-PolyMOFs) in the Agricultural and Medical Field 

Penelope Milner, University of Leeds: Does Climate Change Threat lead to a rise in Authoritarianism? 

Sachin Mohite, University of Bradford: Aligning Service-Learning efforts with SDGs using Technology Platform 

Hazel Mooney, University of Leeds: Woodland expansion and UK air quality 

Hepsi Nelson, Lydia Klenczar and Phoebe Jacob, Leeds Arts University: Re-shaping Surplus - embedding a micro-circular culture within Leeds Arts University 

Julita Nieweglowska, Ben Newman and Yaa Zuta, University of Leeds: The Mental Health Gap in Africa 

Dean Page, University of Hull: The Transnational Urbanisation of the North Sea 

Ayesha Parveen, Leeds Beckett University: Equality and Inclusivity 

Eleanor Pettem, University of Leeds: The Impact of Aerosol on Radiative Forcing During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Tamunodein Princewill, University of Leeds: The Impact of Postcolonial Discourses on Trade and Investment Policies in Africa 

Ghada Sasi, University of Sheffield: Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for Monitoring Plant’s Responses to Biotic and Abiotic Stressors 

Benedict Smith, University of Sheffield: Smart farming to limit the loss of critical materials 

Ridhi Surti, University of Leeds: Planetary Health Report Card at The University of Leeds 

Manoj Tank, University of Bradford: Importance of SBCC (Social Behaviour Change Communication) in moulding the perception and building constructive action for better Plastic Waste Management 

Ashley Victoria, University of Leeds: Making our labs greener: Single-use plastics and beyond 

Ashley Victoria, University of Leeds: Fast fashion to smart materials: development of all cellulose composites 

Claire-Louise Pickard Wheen, Leeds Beckett University: The impact of roof design on the Life Cycle Analysis of a primary school in Leeds 

George  Williams, University of Leeds: Realising the potential of citizen science to bridge the global research divide in biodiversity research 

Qinguo Yao and Linglin Shi, University of Leeds: Shanshi Online School - an interactive live English teaching platform for rural primary and secondary schools 

Hosna Zare, Leeds Arts University: Equarth planet mission 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to guide our activity. Our work on the Student Sustainability Research Conference is linked to all of the SDGs.

Find out more about our impact on the SDGs.