Studying Sustainability – Helene’s experience

helene pic for blogI am currently doing a Masters in Sustainability (Climate Change) at the University of Leeds. It is an intensive course which cover many dimensions of sustainability. The course is delivered by members of the internationally-recognised Sustainability Research Institute (SRI) at the School of Earth and Environment.

Taking this course has definitely increased my employability as employers are increasingly seeking for graduates who have the skills that can help companies tackle the challenges of sustainability. Added to this, I was also able to earn a wide array of skills and knowledge on how to tackle global and local sustainability challenges, such as poor working conditions and climate change. As I studied this course, I also realised that sustainability happens in most aspects of the human world. It is not just about making companies “greener” and protecting the environment. It also involves notions of equity within and between generations, making sure that as many people as people can receive the benefits of our natural resources lastingly.

This course also challenged my own view on sustainability. At the start of the course, I wasn’t sure how much I could contribute to the fight against climate change challenges, thinking that the problem was too big for me to be able to make a difference. During the course, I was able to assess my role as a consumer and how much my consumption behaviours impact society and the environment. While I still believe that firms and the government should lead the way towards sustainable development, I have now recognised that my own commitment towards sustainability could have a significant impact. I realised that sustainable development was a highly complex issue that can only be achieved if all stakeholders are committed to change

I believe that this course was a truly valuable experience. It provided me with countless opportunities for personal development and allowed me to become more aware of global issues.

Helene Tran (MSc Sustainability; Climate Change)