LEED_sustainability banner lo qualStudents come to the University of Leeds to study in a vibrant, research-intensive environment.  While they’re here, we encourage them to think beyond their studies and become responsible citizens who contribute to the communities they live and work in.  We want our students to be part of Leeds and to contribute to making Leeds the great city it is.  This means everything from organising and taking part in events to being responsible neighbours or volunteering for local organisations.  Ultimately it’s about exploring the city and getting involved.

Our long-held view is that living in local communities is an important part of our student’s development as responsible citizens.   We recognise that there are both negative and positive impacts on communities associated with large concentrations of students, these are well documented in university towns and cities across the country.  

Our students’ inexperience brings unique local challenges, including noise, waste and parking. We also recognise that students bring very many positive benefits to the communities they live and work in, making Leeds a vibrant and diverse city.

The role of the Sustainability Service is to engage with our neighbouring communities, support our students’ integration, foster positive benefits and, where necessary adopt unique approaches to minimize and mitigate against the potential negative effects on the wider community.

Our Student Citizenship Programme has been developed to engage our students and support their integration and ensure that theirs, and other residents experience of their time in Leeds, is a positive one. Student engagement initiatives take place over the course of the academic year and are delivered in response to ongoing, as well as emerging, student and community needs. We work in collaboration with a number of strategic partners, including Leeds University Union, Leeds City Council, Leeds Beckett University, Police and community representatives.  

For more information, sign up to our Community Newsletter or contact Amanda Jackson.

The Students and their Community document sets out the University’s unique approach to engaging our students as responsible and active citizens.  This includes our procedures with handling any issues and complaints registered from the local community, involving our students.   

See a copy of the Students in their Community document here: http://sustainability.leeds.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Students-and-their-community-proccess_081119.pdf

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