Sustainability Volunteering Week, 19- 23 February 

SusItOut! is a new week developed to give students, staff and local communities the opportunity to try out some of the great volunteering projects we have on offer whilst contributing to Sustainability at Leeds.  This is an ideal opportunity to try out some of our opportunities before committing to be more involved with the Sustainability Volunteering Programme.  Why not try out something completely new as you may surprise yourself at liking it!

Get involved!

We have lots of great opportunities that you can sign up to during the week. This includes: energy audits, mapping sustainability facilities on campus, promoting and encouraging recycling to staff,  students and other residents, conservation work, air quality monitoring and more!.   Sustainability Volunteers can choose however many of these opportunities you wish to participate in, see our programme and our Sustainability Volunteers Facebook Group for details of what’s on offer and how you can book your place.  Alternatively, contact us at

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Take a look at the programme

Download the Sustainability Volunteering Week Programme (PDF) 

Not registered as a Sustainability Volunteer?

No problem.  You can register to be involved with the Sustainability Volunteers Programme at any time by completing our online form.

If you have any questions about SusItOut! or Sustainability Volunteering contact us at