Shortlist Announced!

Each year we celebrate the sustainable achievements of students and staff at the university with the Annual Sustainability Awards. This year, we have taken the awards online to create a celebratory digital campaignrecognising the truly inspiring work being done across the university and beyond. With a record number of nominations, the competition has never been this high, so congratulations to those who have made the shortlist. Find out more about them here, and keep an eye on our social media (Instagram and twitter) for the winners announcement from the 6th-10th July. 

“It has been truly inspiring to see the outstanding achievements of staff, students and external partners in this year’s Sustainability Awards. With a record year for nominations, we have been privileged to be able to celebrate such a diverse range of projects, activities and initiatives. It just goes to show that everyone has the power to have an impact, whatever the scale, and that sustainability really is for all.”
– Dr. Louise Ellis, Director of Sustainability

Innovation Award


Climate Entrepreneurs Club Leeds: For their commitment to making real-world impact by collaborating to find innovative business solutions to climate change. Find out more here


Harry Handford: For his Masters research project which presented an innovative, sustainable solution to the energy crisis facing rural Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Jessica Rawnsley: For digitising the handling of documentation within the Alumni and Development office, making the process entirely plastic and paper free. 

GFAL and Purchasing Team: For implementing the change to the Deli(very) food boxes to remove single-use plastic from their operations, supporting the #2023PlasticFree pledge.  

Collaboration Award

Campus Pollinator Project Group: For the pioneering collaboration between the students, academics and operational staff that have developed this impactful research into a project that has gained global recognition. 

Jill Roberts, Cleaning Services: For their collaborative efforts to reduce unnecessary plastic, using a smart-dose system, as well as improving the delivery of goods within the service to reduce emissions.

Alastair Baker: For his work in presentingDesign of Experiments workshops to researchers in the University, supporting laboratory users to reduce waste and improve efficiency in experiments. 

Laura Wilkinson-Hewitt and Camila Limberg-Dias: For their bold, collaborative efforts to use research and innovation to reduce single-use plastic in laboratories, eliminating around 4000 pieces of single-use plastic per year within the Protein Production Facility. 

The winner of the Collaboration award will be announced on Tuesday 7th July.

Communication Award

Bianca Drotleff & Camila Limberg Dias: For developing and delivering a careers in sustainability workshop, ‘The Sustainability Journey’, for a multi-disciplinary student audience.  

Farhat Yaqoob: For using diverse forms of communication, including one-to-one counselling; accessible and inclusive events; and through random acts of kindness, to promote sustainability, wellbeing and unity. 

Nicholas Davison and Richard Jones: For their collaboration to produce research looking at optimising food waste management in the University sector, using Devonshire Hall as a case study. 

Great Food at Leeds (Bev Kenny, Julie Tong, Liz Chadwick): For their #2023PlasticFree communication campaign across GFaL outlets, increasing awareness of the Plastic Pledge on campus.  

The winner of the Communication award will be announced on Wednesday 8th July.

Outreach Award

Anna Gugan: For her research with the United Bank of Carbon and her commitment to sharing knowledge and ideas with external organisations to help inform their climate change strategies. 

Communication Matters and MEETinLEEDS: For their Positive Impact Partnership that led to the launch of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) awards ceremony, celebrating all forms of communication and fostering inclusivity at its core.   

Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programmer (iCASP): For their outstanding work in collaborating with city-wide organisations to reduce local flood risks through sustainable natural flood management.  

Joanne Jordan: For her involvement in ensuring the inclusion of the #2023PlasticFree pledge in a tender for a national cleaning services framework, driving strategic sustainability. 

SAIL (Sustainable Arts in Leeds): For their Leeds-wide partnerships that are working to embed sustainability in the arts and culture sector, inspiring change in similar organisations.  

The winner of the Outreach award will be announced on Thursday 9th July.

Internationalisation Award

Student into Schools Team: For their outstanding work making the SiS programme more inclusive for international students, whilst providing local schools with their invaluable experience and skills. 

Student and Staff volunteers: For their engagement with Yorkshire Trust Wild Working Days, improving natural flood defenses in the Aire catchment, and creating a sense of community for a wide range of domestic and international students and staff. 

The winner of the Internationalisation award will be announced on Friday 10th July.


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Announcements will be made via social media (Instagram and twitter) from the 6th-10th July.


Sustainability Awards Categories 

Our Award categories help to showcase the fantastic work happening in different areas of the University. 

To browse previous award winners, look at our 2019 award winners page: 

Read about each category below:

Innovation award  

Recognises particularly original and inventive problem-solving in creating sustainable solutions. 

Communication award  

Recognises effective engagement in communicating any aspect of sustainability in an accessible way. 

Collaboration award  

Recognises effective and innovative collaboration across and within the University, tackling sustainability issues in an interdisciplinary way. 

Outreach award*  

Recognises examples of people working beyond the University with external organisations to achieve sustainability aims through positive impact partnerships. This award is open to nominations from external organisations working with the University. 

Internationalisation award  

This award recognises that we are an international organisation. It celebrates innovations regarding the internationalisation of the university, and ways that this can be achieved sustainably. This could be finding sustainable ways to perform international research, increasing access of international students to sustainability themes, or anything that celebrated our global links as a University.