The University of Leeds produces an Annual Sustainability Report, which details progress of targets and performance against the University Sustainability Strategy. This report details key sustainability data from across the institution and case studies, quotes and stories from projects carried out during that year.

Work is currently being carried out to finalise the 2017/18 Annual Sustainability Report which is due to be reported to University Council in late spring/early summer 2019.

We recognise that the development of a sustainability report is a great opportunity for students to learn about reporting within a complex institution. It would also be a great way for the University of Leeds students to feedback on their thoughts about how well then University is progressing towards the Sustainability Strategy. We also recognise the need for independent validation and verification of the data and stories included within the report.

A short project is available for students to review the 2017-18 Annual Sustainability Report and provide a verification statement to be included within the published 17/18 report. The students will be cited within the report at the end of the verification statement.

The project will be overseen by an independent external expert (the Head of Sustainability for NUS) who will provide training, guidance and support throughout the project. This expert carried out the annual report verification for the 2016/17 sustainability report.