Sustainable Food On Campus

The impact of food production and food waste on the climate is huge. As part of our commitment to reducing consumption of goods and services, we have worked with staff and students to set up some fantastic projects that they lead, dealing with issues of food waste and learning how to grow local, healthy food. Some of the project currently underway include the following:

At Central Village residences, a food waste collection scheme has been set up, using both staff and student volunteers on site. The scheme commenced after Easter 2016, and has collected 1.8 tonnes over two months, with the food waste going to an anaerobic digestion unit at Doncaster. The student volunteers will be returning to assist in September, and will help to promote the initiative to the new residents.

15 ex-battery hens were collected from the British Hen Welfare Trust in Summer 2015, and ten student volunteers recruited in October. The staff and student volunteers have learnt how to look after the hens on site at Devonshire Hall, and the volunteers also get the benefit of fresh eggs laid by the hens. The initiative won the CUBO 2016 Innovation Award for Excellence in Student Experience.

A Dig-In project was introduced on site at Lupton Residences, with student volunteers assisted by the Bardon Grange Walled Garden Project. Fruit trees, strawberries and herbs have been planted, with vegetables due planting in the Autumn. In addition, a student-led food composting scheme has been introduced on-site, using redundant compost bins obtained from a local school. The combined initiatives won this year’s Green Residences Award at the university.

If you would like to get involved with sustainability at your Halls of Residence contact or your local Hall Rep.

Devonshire Hall Chickens Group
Devonshire Hall Chickens Group