Annual Travel Survey 2020 *POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19*

The University undertakes a Travel Survey across all staff and students on an annual basis. We use the information gathered in the survey to measure our progress in sustainable travel initiatives and to inform our future work.

Staff and students are encouraged to complete the survey to tell us about about how they travel and take the opportunity to feed back on the sustainable travel initiatives that we deliver under the University’s Travel Plan, Sustainability Strategy and Climate Principles.

The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and will help us to understand travel patterns and inform future initiatives to reduce the impact of travel across the University.

All respondents who complete the survey and leave their contact details will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win some great prizes, with more opportunities to win than ever before! Further details coming soon.

All data collected will be held anonymously and securely, according to GDPR regulations. Please note your email address will only be used for the prize draw – contact details will not be used to identify survey responses.

Look out for an announcement and further details when the survey launches.

Please contact Sustainability Services if you require copies of the survey in alternative formats – e.g. for staff without access to a computer.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


Travel Survey results 2019

Headline results for the survey indicate that 74% of employees and 95% of students travel to University sustainably. Sustainable travel is identified as walking/running, cycling, using public transport and car sharing. Although these results are respectable, there has been a slight drop in the number of employees travelling to work sustainably since the 2016-2017 survey, which found that 77% of staff were travelling sustainably.

The figures for walking and cycling have increased slightly since last year’s results; with walking now 18.40% and cycling being 8.36% (an increase of 1.18% and 0.2% respectively). However, bus travel has decreased by 1% (to 16%) and train travel by 2.68% (to 19.40%) since the 2018 survey results. Staff are reminded that there are a wide range of discounted public transport tickets available on the Staff Benefits site.

The results for students have remained largely unchanged for this year, with 95% travelling sustainably, of which 73% walk or run to University as their main mode of transport. Surprisingly bus travel has decreased by 2% (from 2018 figures) to 9.5%.

Thank you to all those who completed the annual Travel Survey for 2019, there were 2608 employees and 1455 students who completed in the survey during March 2019. The winners of the prize draw were announced in April, with Helen Dowson picking up a Trinity Leeds voucher while Jamie Johnston and student Holly Nuttell won the John Lewis vouchers.

For more information about our work in this area, why not take a look at the University Travel Plan

Main mode of transport Staff (%) Students (%)
Walk/Run 18% 73%
Bicycle 8% 5%
Bus 16% 9%
Train 19% 6%
Taxi/private hire/uber 0% 0%
Motorbike / moped 1% 0%
Car – single occupancy 25% 4%
Car – multi-occupancy/car share 11% 1%
Other 0% 0%
Active travel 27% 79%
Sustainable travel 74% 95%
Non-sustainable travel 26% 5%