The University of Leeds Travel Plan is a strategic document that outlines the University’s commitments to changing behaviour, operations and infrastructure developments towards more sustainable modes of travel, by staff, students and visitors to the University.

The Travel Plan 2019-2021 is live! The Plan will help us to achieve our strategic aim to foster a student and staff body where sustainable travel is the norm, enhancing the connectivity of our institution while reducing the associated negative impacts of travel such as congestion, carbon emissions and air pollution.

The University has adopted the UN definition of Sustainable Travel:

“The provision of services and infrastructure for the mobility of people and goods – advancing economic and social development to benefit today’s and future generations – in a manner that is safe, affordable, accessible, efficient, and resilient, while minimizing carbon and other emissions and environmental impacts.”

UN Independent High-Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport.

We manage our travel impacts across four key strands:

  • Staff and student commuter travel
  • Business travel
  • University fleet vehicles
  • Visitors to the University

Decarbonising transport is an important part of the UK’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, which the government has committed to after recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change (

The University has committed to preparing our next Climate Plan and sustainability strategy with a view to securing a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030 (twenty years earlier than the IPCC recommends). The University recognises that it can support this trajectory by decarbonising its travel impacts and influencing change in the wider city, for example the Clean Air Charging Zone and Connecting Leeds infrastructure improvements package.

The Travel Plan outlines our Vision and Action plan for travel at the University over the next three years and beyond across the following areas:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Wellness, Safety and Health
  • Air Pollution
  • Congestion

The Travel Plan also aligns with our sustainability strategy and with the University Principles on the Global Climate Crisis.

Principle 6 explicitly focuses on the University’s role as a supporting partner to develop a sustainable transport system for the city region and to exploring ways of balancing the impact of business travel with our International commitments and ambition:

“6. We shall likewise encourage and support the City Council and other relevant authorities to develop a sustainable transport system for the city region (thereby also helping to reduce the University’s indirect carbon footprint). We are committed to internationalisation, and to securing international excellence; but we shall explore ways of developing sustainable forms of international communication and reducing the impact of our business travel in a way which is consistent with that commitment”

You can view or download the full Travel Plan here UoL TRAVEL-PLAN 2019-21

If you have any queries relating to sustainable travel at the University, please get in touch with us.