10 Feel-Good Isolation Activities

Whether you’re based at University accommodation, your student house in Leeds, temporary accommodation or your family home, we all need ways to stay entertained, motivated and feeling good. Our top feel-good isolation tips will provide you with some ways to keep your body moving, your brain ticking and your soul uplifted at this strange time.

1. Clear out your wardrobe

There is no better time to get round to giving your wardrobe the big clear out you meant to do last year. Rediscover your old favourite items, and pull out the ones you no longer need and bag them up ready to drop off at your local charity shop and donation bank once they resume their operations for some second-hand-lovin’.  

2. Dance it out!

Turn on the music and dance like no-one is watching – because they really won’t be! Remember to use headphones when listening to music to avoid annoying your housemates and neighbours who may be working!  

3. Scrapbook some of your favourite memories

Scrap booking some of your favourite photos from the past year is a great way to remind yourself of life before lock-down!  Find inspiration online, and create a book of memories that make you excited for revisiting your favourite places.

4. Get creative!


Give yourself some creative therapy with whatever you have in the house! Whether it’s knitting, painting, or simply drawing your view from your window, channel your inner creativity and produce something to mark this strange time.

5. Learn to cook

We may be in isolation, but we still have to eat! Why not use this time to perfect a few store-cupboard staple recipes? With less choice available, it’s the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen and work with what you’ve got.

6. Call your extended family members

This can be a strange and confusing time, for the elderly in particular. Getting in touch with your extended family would probably mean the world to them.

7. Do some uni work

Sorry, we had to say it. Make sure you make the most of all the online resources being provided by your school and faculty. (University attendance in your pyjamas is now acceptable)

8. Learn a new skill with LinkedIn Learning

From courses in Photoshop to Excel, remote working to creative thinking, LinkedIn Learning offers a huge variety of free taught online courses for University of Leeds staff and students.

9. Volunteer

The NHS and Leeds City Council are both appealing for volunteers to help vulnerable people stay safe and well at home.

10. Clean

Now Spring has officially sprung, get the duster out and give the house a big clean. A tidy space means a tidy mind, and feeling settled and calm in your own space is essential for your wellbeing during the period of

That’s it from us! From online work outs, learning courses, and video calling sites, online resources have really stepped up to provide us with some great ways of managing this strange and confusing time. If you feel that you need further support, head over to the University’s wellbeing safety and health website.


I was in charge of arranging Climate Week 2015 (2nd – 8th), which is a national event seeking to raise awareness of sustainable living. This year, the Sustainability Service worked alongside the School of Geography’s Green Impact Team and LUU, to put on a programme of
events.  We’re now halfway through, and have had a good turn-out so far!
We started o the week with a variety of stalls in the Union foyer by
Green Action, Green Exchange and our own Sustainability Service stall.
Green Party Society also held an interactive workshop about battery
farming, that taught us the ‘real cost’ of cheap meats.
On Tuesday, there were 2 more stalls in the Union: a waste advisor from
the council and the Green Party Society. Love Food, Hate Waste put on a
food roadshow cooking lesson using waste food.
The main event on Wednesday was the food waste seminar. Speakers
included: Professor William Young from SRI and representatives from
ASDA, Love Food, Hate Waste and The Real Junk Food Project.
On Thursday, there will be a drop-in session at the Bike Hub from 10am –
12pm to answer any questions about cycling or the Sustainability Service.
There will also be more stalls in the Union, and a talk by Yorkshire Water
from 2 – 3pm in Union Room 5. Finally, on Friday, Wacky Bikes will be in
Chancellor’s Court for the day, giving you the chance to try out some
unusual bikes!