Sustainable Campus Map

Welcome to our brand-new Sustainability Campus Map! Here we have documented all the projects going on around campus. It also shows where the available amenities are on campus.

You can remove layers from the map by clicking the eye icons on the menu, this makes it easier to find something specific.

Interested in air quality on campus? Click here to check out the Air Quality Map created by one of our Living Lab projects.

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Water cooler locations were audited in Spring 2019. Some rooms or buildings may not be publicly accessible. Should you wish to report a change to a drinking water point, please email

Creating a culture of sharing: Green Drinks

Green Drinks Leeds is one of over 500 networking events in over 70 countries for anyone working with the environment and environmental issues.

We’re free and open to anyone, and our events usually follow a simple pattern:

1. Open Networking over a drink (6pm) – a chance to get settled in and catch up with friends
2. The Main Event (around 7pm) – a talk, film or workshop about a specific issue or topic, followed by a Q&A or discussion
3. The Go-Around – where we introduce ourselves to each other
4. Announcements – events and other things happening in the next month
5. Over to you – stick around and chat for as long as you like


This month, we’re joined by Mark White from Comoodle, who will be telling us about his project to get people in Kirklees sharing

Comoodle is a community resource sharing project managed by Kirklees Council and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The project encourages groups, businesses and individuals to share their stuff, space and skills to deliver and enhance community events and activities. Transactions take place via an online platform, which captures metrics to demonstrate the social value that is being generated by shared assets.

The project has been active since 2015 and since they began trading the Comoodle team have processed nearly 850 requests and overseen 530 exchanges of stuff, space and skills. It is estimated that 448 separate groups have saved over £31,000 between them through shared use as opposed to buying or hiring. Over 37,000 Kirklees residents have benefitted so far from the scheme.

Mark White is the Project Manager for Comoodle and works for Kirklees Council’s Communities Service. He has previously worked for Calderdale and Bradford Council and the Civil Service. His interest is in creating a genuine sharing economy across Kirklees and the wider West Yorkshire community.

Poetry, Creativity, and Environment

A collaboration between Leeds University Poetry Centre and the Environmental Humanities Research Group in the School of English

Organisers: John Whale, Fiona Becket, David Higgins, Amy Cutler

This symposium brings together poets, established scholars, and Early Career Researchers to explore the interface between poetry and the environment. It will focus in particular on the creative process and consider how poetry and the natural world are in reciprocal engagement in the business of composition. One of its primary concerns will be to discern whether there are distinctive aspects to the writing of poetry in the context of environment and in the wider frame of eco-poetics. This will include both critical and creative questions, including the politics of environmental emergency, forms and techniques of individual practice, and modes of specific work.

It will take the form of: two sessions of public readings by the poets at either end of the symposium; two round tables, one in which the poets reflect on their creative processes and another in which critics engage with Eco-poetry; a PGR/ Early Career Panel on poetry and environment ranging across historical periods, and a visual display by artist Judith Tucker.

Poets include: Madeleine Lee, Lucy Burnett, Harriet Tarlo, Zoe Skoulding, Amy Cutler, Yvonne Reddick, Melanie Challenger, and Samantha Walton

Critics include: Fiona Becket, Sam Solnick, John Parham, David Borthwick, David Farrier,

ECR/PGE Panel: Carl McKeating, Anna Fleming, Emma Trott, Julia Tanner, Anna Antonova, Lucy Rowland, Eleanore Widger



Friday 26th October

5.45-6.30 Welcome with refreshments

6.30-6.45 Introductory remarks

6.30-7.30 Artwork and talk by Judith Tucker and Harriet Tarlo

7.45-10 Poetry Readings by Madeleine Lee, Amy Cutler, Melanie Challenger, Lucy Burnett


Saturday 27th October

9 Coffee and cake

9.15-10.45 Roundtable: poets

10.45-11 coffee

11-12.45 PGR panel

12.45-1.15 Lunch

1.15-2.45 Roundtable: critics

2.45-3 Tea

3-5 Poetry Readings by Harriet Tarlo, Zoe Skoulding, Yvonne Reddick, and Samantha Walton