Sustainability is part of being a student at the University of Leeds, no matter what your discipline. It’s that simple. Sustainability is cross-disciplinary, perfectly slotting into the majority of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and opening up a rich seam of research possibilities.

In it’s Seven Principles to Tackle the Climate Crisis,  the University committed to further extend the Leeds Sustainable Discovery Theme programme to integrate sustainability into our teaching provision at all levels, and give opportunities to students to take part in activities to promote sustainability.

We are committed to meaningful education around sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the university. Concepts, issues and innovations relating to sustainability and the SDGs are integrated into our learning programmes.

The Leeds Sustainable Curriculum Working Group is working with wider University networks including Staff Sustainability Architects and Blueprint teams, to lead the implementation of the next phase of the Leeds Sustainable Curriculum programme. The group is carrying out pilots to map modules, and subsequently all programmes, against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to communicate results to staff and students. The group is also working to develop staff training and resources according to the needs of programme and module leaders to enable them to further embed sustainability and the SDGs into their modules.

International Sustainable Campus Network Award
Leeds has won an award for embedding a collaborative approach to sustainability across all aspects of the University curriculum. Find out more about the award at

Get Involved
Interested in further embedding sustainability into your modules? See the Training and Resources section below to help you get started. Have some good examples of work you are already doing in this area? We are compiling a list of existing sustainability teaching and learning resources and activities within the University. If you would like to contribute any case studies, resources or expertise please contact us at