Time to say goodbye!

catherinecropSo my 11 month placement has come to an end! It’s been a full year, and that has made it fly by. I feel like I have got so much out of the year – I’ve worked on a variety of things and learnt a lot about how sustainability is embedded at an organisation of this size!

My main project has been working on Green Impact, and it has been really rewarding seeing a project develop and grow over the whole year. I’ve got to meet and work with people from across the entire University, from labs in St. James’ to academic departments to the Catering team, and it is always really exciting when people are working towards the same positive changes and believe in the changes they’re making.

Being able to shape a project and make it my own has been really exciting and I’ve definitely gained a lot of skills over the last year! I’ve also found it really interesting to work on carbon management and energy projects as climate change is my passion, and I’ve got to see how Leeds takes these issues seriously and how projects work on the ground.

Some of my highlights for the year have involved working with people across the University, and especially those who don’t have anything to do with sustainability in their day to day role but are so passionate about the issues. I’ve got to know a lot of people, and helping them implement positive changes has been a lot of fun. One of my aims in the year was to focus on student engagement with Green Impact, and I’m pleased that it went so well, with more students than ever being involved in Green Impact and working with teams.

A key highlight was the Sustainability Awards. It was the biggest event I’d ever organised and after a reasonable amount of stress and last minute panicking, the event came off without a hitch, and everyone had a great time! It was great to have so many people who Sustainability work with in one room.

But (as cheesy as this sounds!) the best thing for me this year has been working in a team who are all so passionate about what they do. The work is so incredibly varied and there never is a dull day, and I’m very sad to say goodbye to the team! Thanks to everyone I have worked with this year!