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Celebrating the spirit and diversity of Hyde Park

Community collaboration
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Colour Hyde Park, the University’s collaborative community mural project, has brought together the people, businesses, universities and schools of Hyde Park to create a series of six inspiring murals.

Murals and street art are a wonderful way to preserve our city’s cultural identity and inspire communities to feel ownership and pride for the place they live.
We developed the project with local people; providing workshops and activities prior to the murals being painted to ensure the community was involved from the start and that the designs truly resonate with the residents of Hyde Park. The community strongly engaged with the artists, many stopping and chatting and a few joining in with the painting too.
The artists for this project were chosen by our community panel, each artist having their own connection to Hyde Park. The designs created reflect the spirit of Hyde Park, incorporating local landmarks with shapes and symbols that celebrate the core culture of the area and the people.

Discover the incredible murals below.

Hyde park mural

Joy Rooney | @JoyRooneyStudio | The intersection of Hyde Park Road and Brudenell Street
Joy studies Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds Arts University. She often uses playful colour and symbolism to bring her artwork to life.
“Public art can be hugely beneficial to areas like Hyde Park. I wanted my mural design to be fun and celebrate the brightness of the community” — Joy
Joy’s design incorporates key landmarks and buildings within the design. She uses playful colour, block shapes and stylish motifs representing the quirky and diverse community of Hyde Park.

Hyde park mural

Emma Hardaker | @evhardaker | Lumsar News
Emma is a visual artist and art facilitator; she uses art as a tool to unite and bring people together. She is best known for her abstract, bold and vibrant murals, representing local history and architecture. Emma has been an active member of the project management team, acting as a creative consultant.
“I have met and chatted with so many local residents who are really excited about this project and have seen first-hand the positive effect it can have” — Emma

Hyde park mural
Emma’s design uses the patterns and shapes created by the children at Brudenell Primary School. She combines bright block colours to create a fun, vibrant design.

Hyde park mural

Niall Unger | @niall_unger_illustration | Diamond House
Niall is an undergraduate student at the University of Leeds, studying Graphic Communication Design. Hyde Park has become a second home to him, providing a huge inspiration within his artistic endeavours and daily life.
“Hyde Park has changed me in more ways than I can count, and it has been incredible to be able to give something fun back to the neighbourhood” — Niall
Niall’s mural has been heavily influenced by the vibrancy of the area. The mural incorporates the hubs of Hyde Park; including the Picture House, Brudenell Social Club and LS6 Café, whilst also depicting the diverse community.

Hyde park mural

Maya Cross Odemudia | @mayacrossodemudia | The intersection of Brudenell Road and Royal Park Grove
Maya moved to Leeds three years ago to study Printed Textiles and Surface Design at Leeds Arts University. Throughout university, Maya has developed bold, linear illustration drawing styles, as used within her Hyde Park Mural.
“I use my work to reflect the interactions between people and inspire communities to connect” — Maya

Hyde park mural
Maya’s artwork demonstrates the interaction between people and the area; her mural intends to promote a sense of togetherness and positivity.
Hyde park mural

Charlotte Brown | @charliembrown| 36 Ebor Place
Charlotte is a Graphic Designer who lived and worked in Hyde Park while studying at Leeds Beckett University. She often experiments with painting, screen printing and collages to create her abstract artwork.
“It’s wonderful to be involved on this project and relive fond memories of visiting the Picture House and the Brudenell. It’s great to create work which celebrates the local area and people” — Charlotte

Hyde park mural

Charlotte’s mural references the local architecture, including the Hyde Park Picture House, Makkah Mosque and Woodhouse Moor. It draws on elements of all these buildings and combines them to make a vivid tapestry of patterns.

Hyde park mural

Fem Sorcell | @femsorcell| Chestnut Avenue
Fem is a Sheffield based artist who lived in Hyde Park when she studied Textiles and Surface Pattern design at Leeds Art University. Her style draws you into a dreamlike world, filled with neon pink swirls and splatters.
“Community art has the ability to brighten people’s environment and uplift their mood” — Fem

Hyde park mural
Fem’s design is inspired by the drawings created by the children at Brudenell Primary School. It reflects the natural beauty of the area using different flowers and leaves that can be found around Hyde Park.
This project would not have been possible without the positivity and support throughout from local residents, the Hyde Park Neighbourhood Forum, Brudenell Primary School, local councillors and local businesses. This was a University of Leeds Sustainability project.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to guide our activity. Our work with the Leeds community is linked to the following SDGs:

  • Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities
  • Goal 17: Partnerships

Find out more about our impact on the SDGs.