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Student knowledge hub

There are a range of ways for students to develop their knowledge of sustainability at the University of Leeds, either directly through their studies, through self-led learning or by engaging in opportunities around volunteering, biodiversity, work placements and more.

New students will get to hear about these opportunities during their student inductions, but you can also contact us at any point to find out more.

Getting started

Introduction to Sustainability

This short online unit is available for all students, and introduces you to the concept of sustainability and the most significant challenge the world faces: the climate crisis. It provides a great starting point for learning about sustainability whilst at Leeds.

Sustainability Induction Resources

If you're new to the University or want to build your knowledge, here’s a summary of the things you might want to know about sustainability and the opportunities you can get involved in.

Leeds Sustainable Curriculum

Learn more about how we are embedding sustainability into modules and courses.

Discovery modules

Explore the Creating Sustainable Futures themed Discovery modules available to you as elective modules, regardless of your degree discipline.

Research project or dissertation

You can also choose to focus your research project or dissertation on a sustainability topic.

Be inspired

Why not get some inspiration for your research project at our annual Student Sustainability Research Conference?

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to guide our activity. Our work on the knowledge hub is linked to all of the SDGs.

Find out more about our impact on the SDGs.