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Make an Impact

Sustainability is embedded within everything we do at Leeds and needs every one of us to play a role.   

We run a range of participation schemes to support staff at all stages of their sustainability journey. If you want to make an impact as a member of staff, a great starting point is to join our Sustainability Community on Teams to access peer support and information on embedding sustainability in your work.  

Our network of sustainability ambassadors are known as Staff Sustainability Architects. They have a crucial role in building sustainability initiatives across campus, with a portion of time dedicated to delivering sustainability initiatives.  

And each year we also recruit passionate students in paid part time roles as Student Sustainability Architects, where they gain valuable experience leading sustainability projects here on campus. 

Our flagship Blueprint programme involves the Sustainability Service working closely with a team, service, school or faculty to co-create bespoke five year sustainability plans that contribute directly towards our Climate Plan and other sustainability targets.

Staff Architects

As a Staff Architect, you can help us to drive change in an area of sustainability you’re passionate about.

Student Architects

As a Student Architect, you can help us to drive change in an area of sustainability you’re passionate about.


Work with us to make the whole department or service change in the sustainable issues that matter most to you with a Blueprint plan.

Leeds Living Lab

Our Living Lab projects bring together students, staff and our city partners to research and test sustainable solutions, to tackle global challenges using the University and our communities as a test-bed.

Sustainable Labs

There are a number of ways to make lab spaces more sustainable and we have a range of information, resources and support to help you do this.

Student Ideas Fund

If you have an idea for a student-led sustainability project you'd like to deliver at the University, submit an idea to secure funding and bring your idea to life.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to guide our activity. Our work on making an impact is linked to all of the SDGs.

Find out more about our impact on the SDGs.