Meet The Team

Alongside our dedicated Sustainability Service team below, we also work with a wide network of people from across the University to implement sustainability initiatives. This includes a huge network of Blueprint teams, who are each working on sustainability actions plans for their departments. Our Staff Sustainability Architects have sustainability objectives embedded into their roles and work in their schools and services to drive and implement sustainability locally. Our Student Sustainability Architects are paid part time and work across the University, leading on sustainability projects and supporting to increase student engagement with sustainability.

The Sustainability team:

Deputy Director of Sustainability
Katie Clegg
Head of Net Zero Delivery
James Dixon-Gough
Environmental Sustainability Manager
Nicolas Gomez
Sustainability Manager
Thom Cooper
Sustainability Projects Officer
Michael Howroyd
Sustainability Communications and Engagement Officer
Lorraine Williams-Jones
Sustainability Communications and Engagement Coordinator
Zoe Gilbank
Sustainability Communications and Engagement Assistant
Lucy Cligg
Sustainability Programme Officer
Amanda Jackson
Sustainability Project Officer
Lucy Ram
Neighbourhood Watch Supervisor
Claire Walker
Bike Hub-Co-ordinator
Romain Cames
Sustainability Programme Officer
Claire Booth
Sustainability Projects Assistant
David Sachdev
Sustainability Programme Officer
Clare Jackson
Sustainability Projects Officer 
Laura Wilkinson Hewitt
Environmental Compliance Officer
John Moore
Sustainability Project Coordinator (EMS)
Carla Tucker