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Leeds Repair Café comes to the University of Leeds campus

Community collaboration

In a collaborative effort between the University of Leeds Sustainability Service, Yorkshire Circular Lab, and Leeds University Union, the Leeds Repair Café is coming to the University campus on Saturday 16th October.

Started in 2016, the Leeds Repair Café is part of an international movement that encourages people to repair items that would otherwise go to waste, such as electrical items, computers, jewellery and clothes.

Through open events, volunteers offer their skills and knowledge to repair many broken household items that would otherwise be destined for the bin.

Repairing items not only reduces waste and saves money, but also reduces the emissions associated with manufacturing new products, and is an important part of the developing circular economy and sustainable consumption.  An estimated £140m worth of unwanted clothing and 1.6m tonnes of electronic waste are produced each year in the UK alone, and repairing broken items is one way to address this challenge.

Held on the same date as International Repair Day, which is a joint initiative of the Open Repair Alliance, the event runs from 12-4pm on Saturday 16th October and will be in the Leeds University Union building.

The event is open to students, staff and members of the public to come and learn some new skills and meet new friends (and bring things to repair of course!). Repairs are free, but donations are always welcome.

Further information will be posted on the Leeds Repair Café Facebook page here.