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Final Flood Management Works Begin at Brownlee Triathlon Centre

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Living Lab

Final works have begun on the Bodington Fields Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme at the University of Leeds’ Brownlee Triathlon Centre, ahead of its official launch in spring 2022.

The scheme is an urban pilot site in collaboration with the Environment Agency and Leeds City Council. It is designed to help make Leeds more resilient to climate change by demonstrating and testing how natural flood management solutions can reduce flood risk along the River Aire.

The final works involve the installation of additional flood management interventions including ‘leaky wood dams’ that provide natural barriers to slow water flows, overland flow barriers that allow for the creation of temporary ponds during wet periods, wetland scrapes and cross-track drains that slow water flow on paths during periods of heavy rainfall.

Wildflower areas will also be planted to boost biodiversity on the site and create new habitats for local wildlife, in addition to the 5,000 trees that were planted on the site in 2020.

Once completed, the site will act as a Living Lab for research and provide teaching opportunities for the University, local schools and the community to learn more about flood management and how it can improve the city.


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