A year to embrace sustainability

Our Student Sustainability Architects have been working hard on a wide range of projects in the past months – from biodiversity monitoring, food waste reduction, to student engagement and sustainability campus tours. Hear from one of the Architects in LUBS- Abhinav on his experience working on sustainability projects and the progress he has made.

This has been an exciting year at LUBS (Leeds University Business School) from the perspective of sustainability. From a Slow Travel Plan, to food waste reduction and a Student Sustainability Conference in June, Leeds University Business School has been successfully embedding sustainability in their activities and supporting the University’s sustainability commitments.  

As one of the Student Sustainability Architects, LUBS has given me a platform to create dialogue between students and voice my opinions around climate change. 

How did it all start?  

Having been inspired after attending the LUBS Carbon Literacy Training, I sought out opportunities to work in the field at the university.   

For some time, I had been a part of plantation drives in my home country and had kept myself up to date with developments in the field and strived to make attitudinal changes in my own life that have far-reaching effects on the planet.  

Through one of the virtual career fairs at the University of Leeds, I was introduced to the Sustainability Service at UoL, which was a great starting point for getting involved.  

The LUBS Sustainability Service has been instrumental in driving change and policy, through the initiatives and projects like the Slow Travel Plan which aims to account for staff and student travel to assess the associated emissions and thereby aid better decision-making.  

We also continue to find ways to manage food waste and make food consumption more sustainable, having successfully conducted a Student Sustainability Conference in June 2022 on the subject. 


The Sustainer  

The idea of a new student-focused newsletter for LUBS, aptly named ‘the Sustainer’ was born through the need to create more dialogue with students whilst helping them bridge the gap between Carbon Literacy and collective-action.  

In its inception and development, we have had the guiding and helping hands of the folks at the Sustainability Service, the Alumni Service, Residential & Catering Services as well as the Strategic Marketing faculty. 

To sign up to the new LUBS Sustainer, or to contribute to the next edition, get in touch. 

In this first edition of the Sustainer, we wanted to create something to get students thinking about the upcoming academic year from a sustainability perspective.  

The Sustainability Almanac lists out the key events and awareness days in 2022/23 which can be great opportunities to get involved, and we wanted to also share it with the wider University community. 

Why not bookmark this post and come back to it through the year? 


Organic September  

19-Sep – 27-Sep Freshers Week  

19-Sep – 25-Sept International Orientation Week 



01-Oct World Vegetarian Day 

04-Oct World Animal Day  

10-Oct World Mental Health Day 

21-Oct World Apple Day  


World Vegan Month  

01-Nov World Vegan Day  

7-Nov – 18-Nov COP27  

26-Nov Black Friday  

19-Nov – 27-Nov European Week for waste reduction  

27-Nov – 5-Dec National Tree Week  


Conservation December  

01-Dec Antarctica Day  

05-Dec International Volunteer Day  

10-Dec International Humans Rights Day 

14-Dec Christmas Jumper Day 

19-Dec International Migrants Day 

20-Dec International Human Solidarity Day 



1-14 Jan New Year – sustainable resolutions  

16-Jan Blue Monday  

23-Jan Lunar New Year  

24-30 Jan Fresh Start Week  

27-29 Jan RSPB Garden Birdwatch  


LGBT+ History Month 

7-13 Feb Volunteering Week  

17-Feb Random Acts of Kindness  

23-Feb – 5-Mar Fairtrade Fortnight  

28-Feb – 6-Mar Grounds Week  


The Great British Spring Clean  

03-Mar World Book Day  

03-Mar World Wildlife Day  

28-Feb – 6-Mar Grounds Week  

7-13 Mar Food Waste Action Week  

14-Mar International Day of Action for Rivers 

14-18 Mar Circular Economy Week  

18-Mar Global Recycling Day 

21-Mar International Day of Forests  

21-15 Mar Climate Week  

22-Mar World Water Day  

29-Mar The Big Climate Fightback  


Earth Month  

07-Apr World Health Day  

07-Apr Walk to Work Day  

22-Apr Earth Day  


Local and Community History Month 

6 May-15 May National Public Gardens Week 

9 May-13 May Mental Health Awareness Week 

16 May-22 May National Vegetarian Week  

20-May World Bee Day  

23 May-27 May Water Saving Week  

22-May International Day for biological diversity 


Let It Bloom June  

1-Jun – 7-Jun Volunteer Week  

03-Jun World Bicycle Day  

05-Jun World Environment Day  

6-Jun – 12-Jun Bike Week  

08-Jun Student Sustainability Research Conference 

08-Jun World Ocean’s Day 

09-Jun LUBS Plastic Free Competition 

15-Jun LUBS Sustainability Conference 2022 

15-Jun Nature Photography Day  

17-Jun Clean Air Day  

17-Jun World Day to combat desertification and drought  

20 Jun-26 Jun Refugee Week  

22-Jun World Rainforests Day 

24-Jun World Refill Day  

27 Jun-1 Jul World Wellbeing Week 


Plastic Free July  

03-Jul International Plastic Bag free day  

03-Jul International Co-operatives Day 

12-Jul National Simplicity Day  

13-Jul Cow Appreciation Day 

15-Jul National Give Something Away day 

17-Jul World Day for International Justice  

18-Jul Black leaders awareness day 

23 Jul – 31 Jul Love Parks Week  

25 Jul-31 Jul National Marine Week 


Biodiversity Month  

04-Aug International Owl Awareness Day 

05-Aug Cycle to Work Day  

9 Aug-15 Aug World Allotments Week  

19-Aug World Humanitarian Day 


Abhinav Jindal (Jin) | MSc Business Analytics & Decision Sciences 

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