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Partnerships for growth and resilience

Community collaboration

Positive Impact Partners (PIP) is the University of Leeds gateway to connect the third sector and civic partners with our staff and students, to network, share knowledge and experiences, and form new partnerships.

PIP has been developed in collaboration with staff and our external partners to increase collaboration, build knowledge and capacity to deal with local societal challenges and positively contribute to our local communities.

By offering a range of one-to-one support partnerships, collaborative project work, and expertise exchanges with local third sector organisations, PIP continues to support business growth and resilience. As part of our 2020 PIP update, we’ve collated seven case studies to showcase the success of our partnerships.

Communication Matters and MEETinLEEDS

Communication Matters, a UK wide organisation that supports people with little or no clear speech, was paired with PIP partner MEETinLEEDS (MiL) who organise conferences, meetings and events within Leeds University, in an ongoing partnership.

MiL facilitated the delivery of Communication Matters’ annual augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) conference each September at the University, and in 2019 ran the inaugural AAC Awards ceremony.

Emily Campbell, Charity Manager at Communication Matters, said:

There are many benefits, for example MiL arrange accommodation at short notice, host dinners, investigate conference software and apps, have provided links with Leeds contacts and have created opportunities to link with Leeds VIPs. We have kept in touch weekly and I have participated in training alongside the MiL team. Our partnership has also developed further partnerships with the stage@leeds... The support is invaluable!

The PIP partnership is ongoing, and they will continue to work together to hold a virtual conference this year where MiL have offered to share their new event software and training with Communication Matters.

IntoUniversity South Leeds

Three of IntoUniversity’s staff were matched with several University of Leeds staff partners. Support was provided throughout a range of professional skills areas, including providing advice with finding new networking and professional training opportunities; creating strong community engagement; and managing their relationship with their corporate partners.

Eleanor Rowley, Team Leader, IntoUniversity South Leeds said:

My whole team applied for the scheme- it is a fantastic way to build your team’s confidence and utilise the broad expertise and knowledge within the University.

Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds and Martin Tudge

Kerry Prest, Director of the Jamyang Buddhist Centre, contacted PIP as the organisation needed guidance on accounting in order to develop their charity’s own finance systems. We partnered Kerry with Martin Tudge, Core Services Manager & Faculty Finance Officer from Leeds University Business School and they worked together to review the charity’s finances and accounting systems. Through their partnership Kerry has built the confidence needed to take control of the charity’s finances and as a result, he has implemented a new accounting system, trained the employees and is able to produce monthly financial reports to the charity trustees.

The Leeds University Business School also benefited from this project with Kerry’s input and support around mindfulness training available to University staff.

I was really grateful for Martin Tudge’s advice and understanding of my charity’s needs. I would definitely recommend the scheme to others.

Kerry Prest, Director, Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds

Get Involved

The PIP programme is open to all University staff, individuals working in the third sector (either paid or voluntary), charitable organisations, state-funded schools and any other social-benefit organisations.

For more information, visit the PIP webpage or email us:

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to guide our activity. Our work on Positive Impact Partners is linked to the following SDGs:

  • Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
  • Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Goal 16: Peace Justice and Strong Institutions
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Find out more about our impact on the SDGs.