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Welcome to our nine new Blueprint teams

Staff Sustainability Architects

We’re pleased to announce that the Sustainability Service has recently welcomed nine new Blueprint teams to our engagement programme which supports Schools and Services to understand their sustainability impacts. 

Each new Blueprint team will work with us to develop their own unique, 5-year action plan and join our Blueprint community in collaborating on sustainable change at the University. 


Each team is at a different phase of creating and delivering their Blueprint… 

In 2022, the Print and Mail Service, the Clinical Skills Education Team (School of Medicine), the School of Dentistry, and the School of Performance and Cultural Industries completed the creation of their Blueprint and started to deliver against their action plans. 

After attending scoping sessions to identify the key impacts of their areas, the Life-Long Learning Centre, LibrariesWellbeing, Safety and Health, the Faculty of Biological Sciences, and the Advancement Team have all started to shape their Blueprints. These teams are now looking to run collaborative workshops to focus on the areas where they can make the most difference. 


Hear from the Clinical Skills Education Team… 

"From our perspective, the motivation to get involved came from wanting to lead by example and drive change in our department. As educators we felt that we were missing opportunities to educate future health care providers about planetary health and challenges they will encounter in practice. 

We were initially naïve to the scope of the project, and we quickly became aware that the issues were not solely plastic-orientated, our baseline knowledge was insufficient and that the considerations were significantly more than we had initially appreciated. However, we have worked to formulate several strategies and themes to positively change our sustainability principles across several areas. 

Working in collaboration with the University Sustainability Service and Health Care Students for Climate Action we have developed a range of ambitious objectives that will lead to positive changes and reach far beyond the classroom setting. 

As a team, we feel passionately about inspiring health care professionals of the future, through education, positive role modelling and demonstrating best practice we can achieve great things."


Thank you! 

A huge thank you to all our new Blueprint teams currently working to embed sustainability across the University, and the Staff Sustainability Architects involved in developing these. We can’t wait to celebrate all the amazing work coming up in 2023! 

Find out more about our Blueprint sustainability engagement programme and how you can register your School, Service or team to create your very own Blueprint! 


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We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to guide our activity.

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