Our aim is to become a University with a reputation for outstanding performance on sustainability; a university that challenges the status quo and is renowned for its open, welcoming environment.

Our approach to sustainability is integrated with our approach to student education, research and innovation and highly professional support services.


The University recognises the importance of sustainable development and has established policies and programmes that are needed to tackle impacts at a local and global level. The University’s sustainability performance is linked to the decisions that we take as part of our community of over 40,000 staff and students. The University resources staff with a budget for sustainability and will continue to do so into the future. In order to meet our stated aims this year, we have a ring-fenced budget for Living Lab initiatives of £80,000 and our Carbon Management Plan budget stands at  £650,000. We have a dedicated spend for our other projects, though the allocation of this is fluid and adjusts throughout the year to accommodate ever-changing internal and external influences.


Sustainability Steering Group

The University’s sustainable development is managed by the Sustainability Steering Group which reports directly into the University Executive Group. The membership of the Sustainability Steering Group includes a variety of academic and non-academic staff, as well as student executives from our Leeds University Union. The Facilities Directorate also have a quarterly meeting with members of the Leeds University Union to discuss aspects of estates, planning, finance and resource allocation. This enables all staff and students to have an opportunity to be involved in the decision making from the highest level.

Our aim is to help you make decisions that will help the University reduce its impact, but also to create opportunities to get involved and meet others working to improve sustainability at the University.

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You are welcome to download the full strategy on the link to the right of the page, or you can request a hard copy by contacting: sustainability@leeds.ac.uk