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Supporting students moving out during the tenancy changeover period

Community collaboration
Highlights 2022-2023

We’ve partnered up with Leeds Beckett University, Unipol and Leeds City Council to support students and reduce any negative social and environmental impacts during the tenancy changeover period. 

The initiative aims to educate students on more sustainable waste sorting behaviours such as donating unwanted items, recycling where possible and disposing of waste correctly. 

 This is emphasised through the slogan ‘Bag it, Bank it, Bin it’. 

An infograhpic reading 'Bag it', 'Bank it', 'Bin it'

To communicate the key responsibilities associated with moving house, leaflets, social media activity and door-to-door engagement will signpost students to further useful resources on Unipol’s website.  

Bag it 

Due to previous success, the ‘blue bag’ doorstep distribution and collection will continue this year with bags being dropped at 7,000 homes in areas popular with students.This is alongside information on different resources useful to them throughout the moving out period.  

Delivery of the bags will begin from June 12, with doorstep engagement allowing students the opportunity to learn about their options and ask questions about their responsibilities. Over the following two weeks, from 21 June, any blue bags filled by students will be collected from doorsteps to be sorted and re-distributed. 

A blonde lady in a yellow t-shirt knocking on a black door while holding a pile of blue bin bags.

Bank it 

In addition to many existing clothing and recycling banks already in place across Leeds, four more British Heart Foundation banks have been positioned in student populated areas in the local community, as part of a pilot project. These new banks are temporary additions in place from April-September over the changeover period and provide a local location for students to drop off their unwanted belongings for re-circulation into British Heart Foundation shops.  

A red British Heart Foundation donation bank, in front of six black bollards in a terraced, red brick street.

Bin it 

Whilst the initiative aims to make it as easy as possible to donate and recycle items rather than throw them away, if items aren’t in donatable condition, guidance has been provided on responsible disposal of waste.  

Furthermore, enhanced bin collection and street cleaning which will occur during the five-week changeover period, as well as additional enforcement activities and patrols. 

Overall, the initiative aims to reduce the waste impact of changeover by encouraging students to think about moving out earlier, raising awareness of the resources available to them and making sure street cleaning happens more frequently and efficiently.  

A photo of a woman with brunette hair putting some cardboard boxes into a green recycling bin outside a house.

Halls to homes 

Alongside our support for students during the changeover period, the Sustainability Service, in conjunction with Residential Services, continues to support students through the Halls to Homes initiative. This guides students transitioning from managed accommodation to living in the local community by providing information on managing waste, anti-social behaviour and noise, as well as other useful information, such as paying bills. 

If you would like to know more information about our support for students moving out, or have any questions, please contact the Sustainability Service at 

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