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Sell, swap and barter for the planet (and your pocket!)

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Our sell, swap, and barter guidance is part of our Moving Out campaign in partnership with Unipol. The aim is to help reduce the stress of moving out through three steps to sort your excess stuff – barter it, bank it and bin it!

You know how it goes… you move into your uni accommodation with a backpack or maybe a car load of essentials, and then you buy what you need as you go.

Before you know it, it’s the end of the academic year, it’s time to move house and suddenly that backpack isn’t cutting it any more. Your room is full of stuff (unlike your bank balance) and you might be moving into a shared house where you won’t be needing 5 air fryers! What do you do?

This first step is to sell or swap what you don't need. This will help you to clear your closets, protect the planet and make a few quid on the way. It’s time to barter it!

What do we mean by ‘barter it’? 

A graphic with the message of barter it, can't find it a home? give it a home

The idea is that the stuff you don’t want any more might be just what someone else is looking for.  

Keeping items in use is better for the environment as it reduces the amount of new stuff having to be manufactured and shipped around the world, and reduces the waste that might end up in landfill or being incinerated. And if you can make a few pennies on the way, then it’s a win win! 

You could organise a swap with friends, post your items for swap or sale on a Facebook group, list on a dedicated selling site or app, or head along to a local table top sale.

For summer 2024 we’ve partnered with local organisations to put on a series of table top sales where you can sell your stuff. Why not club together with your housemates or friends and do it together? You might also be able to kit out your new home for less as well.

Sell and Swap Events in your area!

Second hand sale at Left Bank Leeds

Second Hand Sale in Burley

When: Wednesday 19 June, 11am-3pm
Where: Cardigan Community Centre, Burley, LS6 1LJ
How: Sign-up via Microsoft form  

About this event: This event is free to register to, and sign-up is open to all current students at any Leeds universities on a first come first serve basis. Please see the Microsoft form for information on what you can and can’t sell. If you want to attend to buy items, sign up is not required and attendees can just turn up.

Swap event in LUU

When: Tuesday 25 June, 10am-4pm
Where: Leeds University Union, LS2 9JZ
How: Sign up is not required and attendees can just turn up

About this event: This swap shop will be part of LUU's 'Housing Fest'. This is a day of events and activities to help you move out, settle in, or refresh your home life. Get more information about this event here.

Swap Shop in Woodhouse

When: Wednesday 26 June, 2pm-5pm
Where: Woodhouse Community Centre, LS6 2NY
How: Sign up is not required and we encourage students to simply turn up. However, you can get more information and register your interest here.

About this event: No selling involved in this event, attendees can just pick up and drop off items! 

Student Movers Sale at Left Bank

When: Thursday 27 June, 1pm-6pm
Where: Left Bank, LS6 1LJ
How: Sign-up is open to all current students at any Leeds universities. Get more information about the event and sign up via this Microsoft form. 

About this event: There is a small fee of £5.00 per table. You will receive an invoice from Left Bank with payment details after signing-up with this form. Payment to Left Bank must be made by 26th June to confirm your table. 

Moving out with Unipol

a graphic with the text barter it, bank it, bin it

This summer we’ve teamed up with Unipol to help make moving out less stressful. Our three steps to a clutter free life are barter it, bank it and bin it. If you can't sell or swap your items you can always donate them in one of the many donation banks we've installed around Leeds.

You can get more advice on moving out and find out more about how to deal with extra stuff with Unipol.