With internationally recognized research into mitigating climate change occurring on campus, we take our University carbon footprint seriously, and are working to reduce our impact. We have set an ambitious target to reduce our carbon emissions by 35% by 2020, using our 2005/06 emissions as a baseline. This stems from the fourth theme of our strategy to make the most of our resources. Through reducing our carbon emissions and improving our energy efficiency, we aim to become a low carbon University.

We have a University Carbon Management Plan that is compliant with Capital Investment Framework requirements which sets out how we are to achieve this. We have also recently reviewed our performance of carbon reduction and our progress towards meeting our target; both documents can be viewed below. Further targets can be viewed in the Travel Plan here. Scope 3 emissions are included in our longer internal report . Baselines and targets can be found here, but if you would like to see a copy of this document please contact

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CMP Full Document-June2011

Carbon Management Plan Update 2014-15