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Staff Sustainability Architects

If you want to be part of driving sustainable change at the University then you should be a Staff Sustainability Architect. Staff in any role at the University can join our network of architects. You’ll join a network of colleagues acting as sustainability ambassadors and promoting sustainability across every School and Service.

Architects are given the guidance, support and the tools they need to embed sustainability objectives into their roles and bring about real sustainable change in their team or department.

What it means to be a Sustainability Architect

Becoming a Staff Sustainability Architect means committing a proportion of your time, with support from your manager, to driving sustainability. The role is flexible and we will work with you to shape your objectives around what will make a real difference in your department. This could be anything from embedding sustainability in the curriculum or reducing single-use plastic to working in the community or reducing environmental impacts.

As an Architect, you will join a great network of colleagues, all working to create a more sustainable University. We have regular events and use Microsoft Teams to provide training and resources as well as allowing everyone to share knowledge and collaborate on a diverse range of projects.

Many Staff Sustainablity Architects are involved in delivering wider sustainability initiatives in their area of work including Blueprint and Sustainable Labs. Others may take on sustainability objectives that contribute to making the University more sustainable, but sit outside of their direct area of work such as biodiversity and social impact.

Want to know more about the role? We interviewed Staff Sustainability Architect, James Willmoth – Human Resources Officer in the Faculty of Medicine and Health, about being a Staff Architect.

Fill out our short form to start the simple process towards becoming a Staff Sustainability Architect.


Key takeaway results from the 2023 Dissertation Topic Survey

A survey was sent to undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking their dissertation to discover their current awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their exposure to them through their studies and appetite to respond to them in their research and dissertation projects.   Our Education Strategy commits to promoting ‘environmental and social sustainability through our portfolio,...

The Sustainability Service holds Sustainability Celebration

Last week we held a Sustainability Celebration event to bring together members of the University community to celebrate the diverse and innovative sustainability actions and initiatives being delivered across the University.   Thank you to everyone who attended the event, we loved seeing so many familiar and new faces and it was great to talk to...

First Gold LEAF accreditation awarded to PIXC lab

Congratulations to the PIXC Research Facility in the Faculty of Biological Sciences for achieving the first Gold LEAF accreditation at the University of Leeds! LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) is a tool that was developed by University College London (UCL) to help researchers, staff, and students understand and improve the sustainability and efficiency of their...

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to guide our activity. Our work with Staff Sustainability Architects is linked to all of the SDGs.

Find out more about our impact on the SDGs.