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Jamie's experience with the Bike2Work scheme

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The Bike2Work Scheme is a Government run scheme that is included within the staff benefits at the University of Leeds. This is designed to promote active travel and the associated sustainability and health benefits this brings.  

The University is partnered with Cyclescheme, who has a network of over 2000 independent cycle stores nationwide. Staff can use this to select a bike and safety equipment. Additionally, the amount that you can borrow via the Bike2Work scheme has increased from £1,000 to £3,000. Therefore, you can now access electric bikes, mobility bikes and higher quality bikes and safety equipment. The scheme works through a salary sacrifice arrangement, which then will help you save 26-40% on a new bike. 

Jamie Steel is a University staff member from Residential Services, who has used the Bike2Work Scheme to purchase an electric bike for commuting to work. We asked Jamie all the questions you want to know about how he found the scheme and what commuting using an electric bike is like.

A photo of Jamie dressed in black sat on an electric bike smiling, which he got through the Bike2Work scheme.

What made you want to join the Bike2Work scheme? 

I had been considering cycling to work for a while. As traffic seemed to get worse, I decided to try an e-bike to see how feasible it was for me to cycle in on a regular basis. Having heard about the Bike2Work scheme through the University website, I decided to go for it after speaking to one of our chefs at Devonshire Hall who had previously ordered a bike through the Bike2Work scheme themselves. 

What was the process of getting an electric bike through the Bike2Work scheme like? 

The main thing that put me off was getting one, but it was much easier than I thought, and I found the process simple.  You just apply through the website with the cost of the bike you want to purchase. The University then contacts you to confirm that you will cycle to work at least twice a week. Once the University then passes the application, you get a voucher for the amount you requested for the bike shop you want to purchase the bike from. 

What have the main benefits been? 

The main benefit I have had from using my electric bike is the improvement in my health!  I get to work in the same amount of time every day (no delays) and the electric bike takes all the hard work out of any hills! Sustainability was a factor in my thought process, but if I was honest the health and traffic side of things were the main consideration, with sustainability and saving petrol an added bonus.   

I would advise anyone who was thinking of trying it to go for it. I intended to cycle to work twice a week on the bike, but since I have got the bike, I have cycled every day. It’s actually much better commuting by bike. 

If you are interested in getting involved in the Bike2Work scheme or would like to find more information about the eligibility of the scheme, please see the University staff benefits page. Or if you currently cycle to work and would like maintenance help, please see the Bike Hub opening times. 

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