The camera is now offline but we will be live again next year when the peregrines return. 

In 2018, with a little help of a custom-made nesting platform, three peregrine chicks successfully fledged from the University’s Parkinson Tower. In March 2019, peregrines became interested in the nesting box again and as of late April, we had 4 hatched babies! 

On Wednesday 15th May, the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust came to campus to ring the chicks.  The rings were black text on an orange background.  Detail as follows:

  • TCD – 725g
  • TAD – 675g
  • TBD – 525g
  • T7C – 700g

Staff, students and members of the public watched in anticipation as the four baby peregrines grew and we are delighted to confirm that each one of them has now fully fledged! The last one leaving the nest on 12th June.

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If you want to know more about peregrines check out our blog post here, written by Paul (@LeedsBirder). Paul is a local birder, University of Leeds graduate and volunteer Ranger for the RSPB.