Bikes available for hire! 


Our campus Bike Hub has a large stock of well maintained, quality bikes available to hire for students, staff or visitors. All our bikes are 21-speed hybrids equipped with a D-lock and front and rear lights, for a great commute! We have worked hard to make sure that cycling is an easy and cost effective option for members of the University of Leeds community.

Once you have hired the bike, you can  also drop by the Hub at any time during opening hours, learn how to use the tools available and maintain your hire bike (pump tyres, mend punctures, oil the chain…). It is free (or very cheap)!

Please note that we are not able to hire bikes out to organisations, departments, or anyone not affiliated with the university. 

What will it cost to hire a bike from us? 


We offer students the option to hire bikes for 3 months at £20 (+£100 deposit).

Please note that starting in September 2017, a new rate will come into effect to help the Hub cover the price of necessary parts (e.g., brake blocks and cables). The new price structure will be: £22 per 3-month term. 

We have created a handy bike loan chart (which you can find here) that explains hiring, re-hiring, or returning bikes. Your hire period starts from the date you collect your bike from the Hub and runs for 3 months from that date. The Hub staff will notify you by email when your hire is coming to an end with instructions on what to do if you wish to re-hire or return. Easy greasy!


We are currently working out a plan to diversify our staff offers, so stay tuned for more information!



Why a deposit?

Well…we require a deposit to cover the cost of any damage on their return to the hub so that the bikes can be repaired and re-hired to other students. Please note that if you hire a bike, you are responsible for looking after your bike. You will get the deposit returned to you, if the bike is returned in good, CLEAN, and well-maintained condition. Whilst we expect some wear and tear, you are responsible for covering the cost of damage due to neglect (as it can easily happen is the bike is left outside in damp Yorkshire weather).

Remember, you can drop by the Hub at any time during opening hours (Tuesday – Thursday 12 – 16:00), use the tools and learn how to maintain your hire bike for free!


Bike Hire: how does it work concretely?! 

  1. Picking up your bike: You can either collect your bike in person at the Hub or book a bike on the university online store (but please note the online store is not always an accurate reflection of the number of bikes in stock). Bikes are hired on a first come first serve basis and do go very quickly once term starts. To inquire whether any bikes are available you can either visit the hub or email: or phone: 0113 343 9179.
  2. The Bike Hire Agreement: Please please please read and the hire agreement outlining the terms and conditions of your bike rental. It should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and will tell you everything you need to know about hiring a bike from the University.
  3. Documents to bring with you: Please bring your student/staff ID or proof that you are registered with the University. Everyone is required to fill in the hiring form in person at the Bike Hub. In addition, we will require a valid email address and mobile phone number.
  4. Paying for your bike: Your bike hire cost can be paid for online before you arrive to collect your bike but you can also pay by card at the Hub if you wish.

And that’s it! Happy cycling!!


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What type of bikes can you hire from the hub? The Hub loan bikes are Ridgeback hybrid bikes, perferctly equipped for city cycling, with 21 Shimano gears, lights, D-lock, puncture resistant tyres and luggage rack.

Sizes: We have offer range of different sized bike frames:

  • 15″ (XS)
  • 17″ (S)
  • 19″ (M)
  • 21″(L)
  • 23″(XL)

Not sure which size would fit? Check out the size guide to work out which bike would be best for you.

velocampus step through bike

Bike Security: secure Abus D-locks are provided with the University hire bikes which are required to be used throughout your hire when leaving your bike unattended to ensure it is left securely. Bikes are also security coded. For more information about bike safety please visit the University Security Services website here.

You can also buy Kryptonite D-locks at a discounted rate of just £15 from the bike hub.

Got any more questions? Please take a look at our Bike Hire FAQ’s for more information.