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Cycle safety and security

At the University of Leeds, we want you to reap the full health and wellbeing benefits of cycling, but first and foremost we want you to stay safe and enjoy it!

Leeds is generally a safe place to live, study, and work. Dedicated cycle lanes will help you to get around the city and beyond more confidently.

As with any city, bike theft is a challenge, but there are a few simple things you can do to reduce the risk of your bike being stolen. The University's Security Services have advice on crime awareness and prevention and you can find more security tips on this page, including the importance of a good lock!

Commuting by bike

Cyclescheme’s ‘How-to’ (en)cyclopedia contains useful articles on a wide range of topics and questions.

British Cycling offers top road safety tips and access to a wider range of skill-specific RideSmart videos.

Cycling UK has a ‘Five top tips for a safer journey video’ along with five downloadable guides to help maintain your bike.

If you cycle in the UK, you must abide by the Highway Code. Take a look at the Rules for Cyclists.

The Leeds Cycling Campaign has some guidance on what to do if you’re involved in a collision or witness dangerous road behaviour.

If you need any further support or advice relating to cycle safety, please do contact us:

Bike locks

Sadly not all bike locks are made equal and it takes only seconds to cut through some – especially wire, chain or poor quality versions.

We strongly recommend investing in a good quality D-lock with a  ‘sold secure’ rating. Anything without this is poor quality and will leave your bike at greater risk of being stolen.

Always lock your bike to something solid and secure, ideally a bike rack, and never just around the bike itself.

Discounted D-locks and lights are sold at the Bike Hub and the Security Office. You can find both on our campus map.

Cycle security tips

  • Insure your bike – as specific cycle insurance or as a listed item under existing home/contents insurance cover.
  • Write your postcode and house number on the frame of your bike with an ultraviolet pen or etching tool.
  • Take a note of your bike’s serial number – usually found under the bottom bracket – and have a photo of your bike should you need to report it stolen.
  • You can also have your bike added to the national Bike Register, you can do this free of charge at the University's Security office.
  • If you have quick release wheels, consider an additional cable or security skewers to secure these.
  • Lock your bike in a well-lit, busy area.
  • Don’t leave removable items on your bike when you lock and it leave it e.g. lights, saddle bags and panniers.
  • Make a mental note of your surroundings when locking and unlocking your bike e.g. lighting, access, CCTV.
  • At home or in Halls of Residences, use internal storage, such as a garage, basement or secure shelter and still lock your bike to something unmoveable within this space.
  • When using a secure shelter, please remember to lock the door/gate after you and be aware of anyone trying to ‘tailgate’ to gain access or acting suspiciously.

If you do notice anything suspicious on campus or University property including Halls of Residences, or need to report damage or theft, please contact Security Services.