What is Reuse@Leeds?

The reuse@leeds site allows students and staff to share their surplus items within the University, create wishlists, set up notifications and even ask to loan items in a way that is more cost efficient and environmentally friendly than disposal.  You can also create reports to see how well you have done!

How can I get on the system?

Registration is simple.  The site is linked to the University’s systems, so you just log in using your University of Leeds username and password (without the @leeds.ac.uk after your username).  On your first visit, you will need to confirm the site T&Cs and also tell us which area of the University you are located in, but once you’ve done this you’re free to visit and use the site whenever you like!

How are items moved across the campus?

Once you’ve reserved an item, you will receive an automated email, giving you the detail of the advertiser.  The advertiser will also receive the same, giving your contact details.  The taker usually organises the delivery, but you can arrange between yourselves an approach that works for both parties.  If you need help with this, Estates offer a handyman service for a small charge who can assist.  Email: eshelp@leeds.ac.uk to arrange this.

What if I have too much to list?

In addition to the reuse platform, with the NEUPC, we have created a framework for suppliers that are set up to sell reused, refurbished and even upcycled furniture to us and take our old items away.  They will list items on the reuse site for 30 days, and after this time, they will send it all to charities and local schools free of charge on our behalf.  If you would like to know more about this, please email reuse@leeds.ac.uk

What if I change my mind?

Simply ‘un-reserve’ the item and it will return to the active list of items on the website.  The advertiser will be notified.

What if I have something that is not reusable?

Firstly check if it can be repaired.  If this is not possible, the Sustainability Waste Guide provides detail on how to correctly dispose as well as a list of key contacts who can help.

If you have any further questions about reuse at the University, please email reuse@leeds.ac.uk

Start reusing now! https://www.warp-it.co.uk/company/uol