The University Bike Hub is now physically closed until further notice.

However, we are still accessible by email on Email us with your questions on maintenance and how to keep active! Also, we have collated a few useful links on how to mend a puncture, adjust your brakes and gears:

Maintenance videos:

How to wash a bike:

5-minute bike wash:

30-minute bike wash:

Bike wash in a flat:


 How to remove a bike wheel:


 How to fix a puncture:


 How to adjust brakes:

Rim brakes



Road brakes:

(Older) “single-pivot” brakes:

(Newer) “dual-pivot” brakes:


Mountain bike / touring / hybrid brakes:

(Rare) “U-brakes”:

Cantilever” brakes (cantis): (new threaded brake pads)

or (old peg brake pads)



Disc brakes:

How to change brake pads:

Mechanical disc brakes:

Hydraulic disc brakes:

(Though I would strongly recommend using a bike shop as a lot could go wrong with hydraulic brakes.)


How to adjust gears:

Front derailleur:

Rear derailleur:



The Bike Hub was opened in 2009 and has since developed into an exemplary university bike hire and maintenance facility which is open to both staff and students. It offers facilities for bike maintenance, volunteer opportunitiesbike hire, route advice and cycle maps as well as discounted locks and lights.


Where is the Bike Hub?

You can find the Bike Hub on campus under the large paved area at the end of the EC stoner building and Roger Stevens building, at the bottom of the steps.

hub location

Opening Times

Closed until further notice

(Normally) Thursday & Friday 12-4pm

cycle buildings image no background


The campus bike hub has a great range of services on offer to support with everything bike related! This includes:

  • Bike hire (for more information on the hub bike hire scheme click here)
  • Help and advice regarding maintaining your own bike
  • Pumps: come and inflate your tyres regularly, it helps avoid punctures!
  • Whilst you’re at it, oil your chain!…
  • Every once in a while, clean your bike, it will extend the life of its parts.
  • You can purchase basic spares e.g., inner tubes, puncture repair kits, lights, D-locks.
  • Ask about maps, information, general cycling advice
  • Great volunteering opportunities around cycle maintenance, cycling events, education and outreach, design posters… Come and help the Hub run (ride) smoothly!

Drop-in Sessions

During usual opening hours, there are free unstructured, self-help maintenance sessions happening which are open to all staff and students to help them to learn the skills to maintain their bikes. Just turn up and use the tools, materials and equipment that you need, with guidance, friendly advice and tips available from the hub staff.

Volunteering opportunities

Interested in getting involved? Find your bearings at the Hub! Whether you are completely new to cycling or are a seasoned bike mechanic, the Hub team are always looking for new volunteer recruits to help them out. It’s a great way to meet new people and learn some new skills! All you need to do is register your details here or in-person at the Hub and outline the skills and knowledge that you would like to gain from your volunteering and you will be ready to start.

Please contact or 0113 343 9179 to find out more about the opportunities available.