Air pollution is a real and growing issue which harms the health of millions. There are lots of simple things that we can all do on a personal and organisational level to improve air quality and protect our own and other people’s health.

Air pollution comes from a range of sources including transport, industry and agriculture.

The proportion of pollution that reaches us from each source and its impact depends on a range of factors including location, weather and time of day.

The main pollutants are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ground level ozone, particulates, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons and lead. Each one comes from a different source, has different effects on our health, and different chemical behaviours, which makes air quality is a complex issue to manage and control.

Far from being a new environmental concern, air pollution has been around for a long time and researchers have been studying the effects of air pollution on the nation’s health for decades.

Air pollution increases the risk of some serious illnesses, and can make existing conditions, like respiratory disorders, worse.

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