What is Blueprint?

Blueprint helps Schools and Services address the issues that matter most to them, while supporting the University’s strategic sustainability goals.  The Sustainability Service works with teams to scope out their potential impacts and opportunities in order to produce an action-plan bespoke to their team. Once signed off by the Head of School or Service, this becomes their ‘Blueprint’. Actions within the Blueprints can include changes that support University commitments, such as the plastic pledge

As well as supporting local change, Blueprint is designed to encourage collaboration with other Schools or Services and teams will be encouraged to create a supportive community.  Every year, teams will self-assess their progress and this will be validated by student auditors.  This progress will then be recognised at the University’s annual Sustainability Awards.

Who can get involved?

Teams are formed at a school/service level and staff and students are encouraged to play a part in delivery; it’s a key part of how sustainability will be embedded across the University.

How does it work?

There are five phases to implementing your Blueprint:

  1. Informal meeting/Scoping Session – Usually lasts about 1.5 hours and identifies the key impacts and opportunities of the school/service
  2. Workshop – Has a cross-section of staff present and has a visioning exercise and materiality assessment
  3. Create your Blueprint – The first draft of your Blueprint is produced, including all the actions you have discussed in the Workshop. Once you’re happy, this is signed off by your Head of School/Service
  4. Deliver your Blueprint – Supported by the Sustainability Service and the Blueprint community, this is where the real work begins!
  5. Review and Recognise Achievement – Self-assess your Blueprint progress and get it verified by our student assessors.  Then get your work recognised at the annual Sustainability Awards

The Blueprint Community

The Blueprint community brings together live and developing teams to share ideas, challenges and success. Increasing the connectivity of Blueprint teams forms a network of individuals who are making essential and innovative changes on campus and beyond. Through a series of meet-ups, events and online resources, we celebrate the groundbreaking achievements of our Blueprint teams, and develop cross-campus solutions to our largest challenges.

Sign up your team now

If you are interested in starting your own Blueprint team, get in touch with the Sustainability Service: Sustainability@leeds.ac.uk

Check the Blueprint Q&A page here.

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